MLM Tips: Video Marketing Is Easy

One of the more secret MLM tips that the top earners have probably been keeping from you is that Video Marketing is actually incredibly easy. They like to keep this to themselves because so far video marketing is a fairly untapped and uncompetitive market.Why Video?-It is an excellent way to start building a relationship with your leads. They get to either see your face or hear your voice and they know you are a real person.-Many people are afraid of video. They think that they have to be on the screen or they simply think it is a complicated process involving technology they don’t understand. This is what keeps the competition so low.-Most people LOVE watching videos. It is an easy medium to get your information, and when choosing between watching a quick video or reading articles, these days many people opt for the video-Google loves video. It is ten times easier to rank on Google with a video than with an article or other form of content. If you do a Google search for most of the keyword you plan on targeting to get traffic to your website you will find that videos very often rank on the first page, and with very few backlinks.-It’s fast! You can make a video on a topic in about 5 to 10 minutes, whereas creating an article or webpage on the same topic can take you 30 minutes to an hour.-It is a free way to market. You simply have to have a few tools in place (and there are many free options for programs you can get to make your videos very easily), you need a microphone, and you need a free YouTube account. That’s it!OK, but I was looking for MLM tips! How does video promote my MLM?Well, your videos will actually promote YOU. Remember that in MLM the most important thing is that people want to work with you. If you create a good relationship with your prospects by letting them get to know you and giving them some useful information, they will become interested in working directly with you and then ask what business you’re in. So when making your video think about what your ideal prospects need to know. What information can you give them that will help them in their quest to work from home?? If you give them what they want they are far more likely to view you as a leader they would like to work with.So How is it Easy?You actually can beat the obstacles that keep most people from utilizing video marketing very easily.-Videos don’t have to be perfect! In fact, it is the imperfections in your videos that show you are a real person and actually assist you in creating that all important relationship with your leads!-You don’t have to go onscreen if you use Screen Capture videos. These videos allow you to simply show what is on your computer screen (so you can do a demo of a program, or make a quick presentation, etc) and you narrate over it. All you have to do is be able to talk to your prospects.-The technology part is actually also very easy. Using one or two free opensource programs that you can get online will enable you to make great screen capture videos in a matter of minutes.